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Readers' Poll: Do You Use Boilerplates in Your Projects?

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During the last year we've seen more and more Boilerplates cropping up to save you time when kicking off a new web project. Do you use them? Do you have a favorite? Have you tried, but find your own bespoke setup more efficient? Let's hear what you have to say about them..

Thumbnail image courtesy of Boilerplate: Mechanical Marvel of the 20th Century


Twitter's Bootstrap has been topping the charts at GitHub for a while now, which says something about the way people want to build websites these days. Why reinvent the wheel, when there's a fully functional framework which does all the mundane groundwork for you?

There are loads of examples, from Paul Irish's HTML5 Boilerplate (which recently turned 3.0), HTML5 Reset, Bootstrap, Skeleton, even CSS grids like the Golden Grid System are essentially Boilerplates to work from and alter as you see fit.

The chances are that you have some basis from which you launch every new web project you embark on. Maybe you've pulled together a few of your own files and resources, maybe you've taken bits from various 3rd party examples, maybe you like to start from a clean sheet every time, let's hear what you prefer!

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