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Readers' Poll: How Much do You Spend on Tools?


Have you subscribed to Adobe's Creative Cloud? Did you find yourself downloading Coda 2? I imagine there are plenty of other services you subscribe to - DropBox? Evernote? Apps you can't help but make a grab for - Alfred? Sublime Text 2? Are you a Dribbble Pro user? Do you subscribe to educational tools? Purchase books often? Not to mention all the shiny toys unveiled by Apple this week..

With all these small payments (plus the big, obvious ones) there's a chance you're spending a fair whack of your earnings on the very tools you need for your web design trade. The odds are you spend quite a lot on toys you don't really need at all! I know designers who've bought trucks full of mobile devices for testing their designs - and of course, we all need computers and peripherals.

So I'm interested - what would you say your average monthly budget is for tools?

Obviously, this will vary depending on your work/study situation, where in the world you live (don't get me started on what we Europeans pay for Creative Cloud compared with The States), but let's see if we can get some ballpark figures here.

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