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Readers Poll! What Kind of Training Do You Have for Web Design?

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This week's poll is all about web design education - Did you go to school to learn or are you a self-taught designer? Or maybe you're like me and you went to school only to realize that learning on your own was a lot more effective! Post your own answer at the poll, and then join the discussion!

Is A Formal Education Important?

One of the interesting (and wonderful) things about working in the field of web design is that you don't really need to have a formal training background to succeed... in fact, some of the most successful designers in the world never set foot in a design class or a coding course.

A number of great designers actually think that school can be more of a hindrance to aspiring designers than anything else. To them, the idea of a structured educational curriculum for a field that changes on a weekly basis is certainly a challenge, but everybody learns differently, so how did you learn?

The Poll

Let the Discussion Begin

Do you think web design can even be taught in a class? Have you had any great experiences with formal training courses? Are you a book learner or a "learn by doing" kind of a designer? There are certainly more than just 4 different categories of education, so share a little bit about your own background down below and read about what other people have to say.

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