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Reader's Poll! What's Your Web Design Resolution for The New Year?


It's the new year... Which means that it's high time you made a resolution if you haven't already! Are you going to improve your coding skills? Market yourself more? Finally crack open a new program and learn it? Answer the poll below, then see what other resolutions web designers are making this year!

New Years Resolution Time!

Perhaps it's all just a grand illusion, but I've always felt great about this time of year because there seems to be something magic in the air... people are excited to start new projects and the world seems ripe with opportunity. This kind of atmosphere is great for anyone looking to make some major improvement in their life; It's for this reason that I think making resolutions is a great habit for any web designer.

Sure, you can make a resolution at any time of the year... but there's something symbolic about deciding, right now, that you're going to do something different and productive in the year to come. So, even if losing 20lbs or quitting a nasty habit isn't on your agenda, take a moment to consider what you want to focus on for the new year that will bring your web design skills to the next level!

In this week's poll, we're asking you guys/gals to pick a couple resolutions that you want to make to improve your web design work... and share it with the rest of our readers. You can only pick up to 3 choices, so consider it carefully!

We also just posted our big yearly roundup for 2010/2011 a few days ago, so be sure to check that out if you're looking for some inspiration for the new year!

Let the Discussion Begin

Making a resolution is great, but when it really gets exciting is being able to talk with other people about it. For web designers, this can be especially fun because you can hear about what sorts of things they want to change in their own work. After you've answered the poll question, post a comment down below about what areas you want to work on an why!

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