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Resource Roundup: 16 jQuery Plugins for Web Designers

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Read Time: 2 mins

JQuery, everyone's favorite JavaScript library which famously allows you to write less, and do more. In this roundup I will be listing 16 awesome jQuery plugins that everyone needs to check out.

jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript..

01: Coda Pop up Bubbles

Coda Pup Up Bubbles plugin creates a pop up bubble when the mouse curson goes over a a certain thing. This is great for downloads where the download details pop up when you hover cursor over download image.

02: Automatic Infinite Carousel

Automatic Infinite Carousel plugin is great for when you want make a picture slideshow on your web page.

03: jQuery Infinite Carousel

Same as Automatic Infinite Carousel, but it doesn't scroll automatically.


04: Slider Gallery

Slider Gallery plugin simulates the Apple Store website product line up bar, so it is great to use if you want to create an online shop.


05: Nivo Slider

With Nivo Slider plugin you can create an awesome picture slideshow which will be great on a personal blog or an online store to display advertisements or your products.


06: ppGallery

PPGalllery is great for picture slideshow to share with family and friends.


07: Pagination

Useful when you want group a really long page into multiple pages.

08: Uploadify

Is a really useful plugin to put on your website to people to upload files.

09: Sunday Morning

Gives your visitors an easy way to translate your webpage.

10: Flip

When clicked left, right, top, and bottom, the box flips. It is useful for when you want to have an online quiz.

11: Feature List

This plugin is great for showcasing your featured posts, pages, products, or whatever you want.

12: ToastMessage

ToastMessage plugin provides android like notifications on your website.

13: Zoomy

With Zoomy plugin you can zoom into any picture on your website.

14: jPlayer

With jPlayer, you can put video and audio in many formats on to your webpage.

15: Sponsor Flip Wall

With this plugin you can show your website visitors your sponsors, pictures and pictures with a nice transitioning effect.

16: Accordion

This plugin creates a menu where when you click on tab, it show the text under the tab.

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