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Samantha Warren: Get Stoked on Web Typography

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Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the lectures! Each weekend, we’ll feature a recommended web design related lecture on Webdesigntuts+.

In this week's talk we're going to be watching a presentation by Samantha Warren at SXSW 2010; She's a Senior Web Designer at Phase 2 Technology and an expert on the subject of web typography.

Video Lecture: Get Stoked on Web Typography

This is a slideshow + podcast, so you'll want to open up the companion podcast .mp3 as you flip through the slides. Samantha will review a number of inspiration ideas about typography off-screen, and then she'll explain how those same principles can be translated to the web via CSS3, @font-face, and more.

This relates directly to our latest article about "The Web Designer's Guide to Font Replacement Technologies", not to mention our monthly series on "Inspirational Web Typography"... and it's a pretty darn fun listen, even if you just put it in the background while you work. Enjoy!

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