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3 Courses to Help You Succeed in the Business of Web Design

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Do you struggle to sell yourself? Do you like web design but hate dealing with the financial stuff? Or maybe you face a constant battle to stay on top of all your work and be productive.

If so, these courses from web design expert Paul Boag can help you. As the founder of UK web design agency Headscape, Paul has plenty of experience of dealing with the complexities of the web design business, and he's worked successfully with large clients such as the European Commission, the BBC, and Oxford University Press.

In these short courses he'll help you with everything from promoting your services to being more productive, and he'll even share a simple method for staying on top of your finances by tracking just five key numbers.

1. Promoting Your Services and Winning Work

Just because you are a great coder or designer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a successful web design business owner. In an increasingly tough marketplace, being able to sell yourself and your work is crucial for success. This course will teach you:

  • how to build a reputation that will attract new potential clients
  • what goes into a perfect proposal
  • when to walk away from an opportunity that is not right for you
  • how to impress when you present to a client
  • how to generate more repeat business

2. Productivity Tips for Your Web Design Business

Did you become your own boss in the hopes that you could spend more time with your family or doing the things that you love? Have you, in fact, ended up working evenings and weekends just to stay on top of things?

If so, you will want to join Paul in this Coffee Break Course as he shares the productivity tips that have enabled him to work less while at the same time earning more. Productivity tips that will make a real difference to your job too.

3. A Freelancer’s Quick Guide to Finances

Managing your finances can be one of the hardest parts of running your own business. You could be the best web designer, developer or digital guru, but if you can’t get a handle on your money, your business will fail.

In this quick Coffee Break Course, Paul will introduce you to five figures that you should be tracking in your business. These five figures, if you monitor them carefully, will allow you to pick and choose your work and enjoy peace of mind.

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