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Take the 2011 Web Design Survey for a Chance to Win!

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Do you design websites? Got five minutes? We want to hear from you! Take the 2011 Web Design survey hosted by Rockable Press and Webdesigntuts+ and get the chance to win the grand prize: an Apple iPad 2 and the entire library of Rockable Press e-books. What's more, we'll give every respondent a 50% off coupon for the up-coming book just for participating! Interested? Take the survey and read on for details.

Last year, we polled 3,200 FreelanceSwitch readers on the hard truths of freelancing. The data from that survey eventually became the basis of Freelance Confidential, published by Rockable Press, which explored questions every freelancer asks: How much to charge? Where to find work? How are other freelancers working? This time around, we want to explore the state of the web design industry, but we can't do it without your input. With a brand new survey for those who design websites, it's your turn to have your say!

The Details

We're working on a brand new book to give the inside scoop on the web design industry--but we need your help! We need the input of everyone who designs websites on common questions: How exactly do you work? Where do you find inspiration? What makes a good web designer?

To participate, simply take the 2011 survey on web design--open to anyone who creates websites. Whether you're a full-time web designer working in industry, a freelancing pro, or simply design websites on the side, we want to hear what you think! And make sure you enter your email so you can receive your coupon and be entered in the grand prize drawing.

The Prizes

To thank you for participating, every respondent in the survey will receive a 50% coupon for the ebook edition of "Web Design Confidential," published by Rockable Press. What's more, you'll be entered to win the grand prize, which includes the ENTIRE Rockable Press e-book library. That's a copy of every current title in the Rockable library, 20 books valued at over $500. And you'll need something to read all those great books on, so you'll also win a brand new 32GB wifi Apple iPad 2! That's a grand prize valued over $1100 USD.

The Fine Print

  • Although it's optional in the survey, you must provide valid email address to receive your coupon and enter the grand prize drawing. (Email addresses will ONLY be used to deliver coupon and notify winner of grand prize drawing. We respect your privacy!)
  • You only need to complete the survey once. Grand prize drawing only eligible once per participant. Multiple entries will be disqualified from the grand prize drawing.
  • The winner will be randomly selected from survey participants directly following the close of the survey. Winner will be notified via e-mail and given one week to respond.
  • The winner will be announced on Webdesigntuts+ once confirmed.
  • If winner is unable to easily receive a prize shipment in his or her country of residence, Rockable Press reserves the right to award an equal cash value instead.
  • 50% off coupon will be awarded once per participant and is good towards any e-junkie purchase of "Web Design Confidential," sold by Rockable Press. Coupons will be emailed to participants once the book is available and will be eligible for a limited time after launch.
  • Employees and staff of Envato are not eligible to win.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and take the 2011 Web Design survey to let us know what you think!

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