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The Manual, Everywhere (And Now on Tuts+ Too!)


We have a brilliant new addition to the Tuts+ bookshelves: The Manual, available in eBook formats to all Tuts+ subscribers! Read on to find out more.

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The Manual on Tuts+

The Manual

Back in 2011, Andy McMillan launched a KickStarter campaign to help him realise a dream: publishing a beautifully crafted design journal, with a focus on the maturing web industry. Each edition would contain thought-provoking and deeply personal lessons by six contributors, plus illustrations, and would be exclusively available as a high-quality printed book.

Those of you who have any of the original printed volumes will testify to their richness and quality (I’m a sucker for a bit of paper).

Fast-forward a few years to the present day and a follow-up KickStarter campaign which is taking The Manual to more formats, including eBooks, audio books, and even a freely available version in the browser.

The Manual 4 logo
“By choosing to publish our articles and lessons as ebooks, audiobooks, and making all of our issues freely available on the web, we’re finally joining the conversation in a broader, more accessible way. ” - Andy McMillan
Illustration from The Manual 4 By Richard Perez
Illustration from The Manual #4 by Richard Perez

Available Now

What will a Tuts+ subscription set you back? Well, I’m biased, but at $15 per month (paid annually) I reckon it’s a bargain! Membership will gain you access to five eBooks per month, plus:

  • Access to all 480 courses (902+ hours)
  • New courses weekly (200+ per year)
  • No advertising on all 19,150+ tutorials
  • Downloadable videos
  • 2 subscriber benefits per year 

Tuts+ subscribers also receive a $5 discount on any book, eBook or audiobook purchase at http://shop.themanual.org (coupon included in ebook zip file download).

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