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The Ultimate Adobe Muse Resource Collection

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This post is part of a series called All About Adobe Muse.
How They Did it: SnoValuation, Built With Adobe Muse
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You may be new to Adobe Muse, but there's a busy and vibrant world of Muse content, articles, tutorials, inspiration, experts and tools already out there! This roundup will put the most useful Adobe Muse resources at your finger tips.


Before we go any further, let's introduce ourselves to some of the folk on the forefront of Adobe Muse goings on. These teachers, evangelists, designers and ambassadors are well worth following and listening to.

Adobe Muse on FacebookAdobe Muse on FacebookAdobe Muse on Facebook
Adobe Muse on Facebook

Tip: Like the Adobe Muse Facebook page and get details of coming events, which you can join live, or catch up on via recorded sessions.

Tutorials, Articles and Educational Resources

You'll find Muse learning resources all over the interwebs, including (of course) Tuts+ and Adobe's own educational channels.

Tuts+ has a number of Adobe Muse tutorials


Take a look at what the rest of the design community is doing with Adobe Muse.


The best place to see what's going on? The Muse Site of the Day of course! 

Case Studies

There's no better way to understand the relevance of Adobe Muse in the industrial workplace than by seeing how others use it.

The SnoValuation website, by North Carolina's 910Zen, was built using Adobe Muse. Tuts+ caught up with designer Robert Trait to ask him about his workflow and where Adobe Muse fits in with their projects.

How They Did it: SnoValuation, Built With Adobe Muse (coming soon)

Adobe Add-ons

Creative Cloud Add-ons mean getting a jumpstart on site designs with downloadable starter files, new widgets, and pre-designed elements—buttons and menus—directly from the Adobe Muse Library panel. Get started.

HTML Widgets

You can now develop HTML widgets that are not currently available in Adobe Muse, and easily share them with others in the community in the Adobe Add-ons online marketplace. As a developer you can learn how to get started creating these widgets (known as Mucows) on this documentation page. As a designer you can install these widgets just like you would install the .mulib files from above 

Note: if the widget is distributed as a .mucow file, you’ll want to bring it into Adobe Muse via the File Menu > Place command.

That's a Wrap

Adobe Muse has undergone some dramatic changes recently; UI improvements and additional features. If you weren't using it before, perhaps now's the time to change that!

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