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This is Your Captain Speaking

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I'm going to break this to you bluntly - Brandon's left. Don't take it personally, I'm sure he doesn't prefer Wptuts+ to you, these things just happen.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name's Ian and I'll be at the controls of Webdesigntuts+ from now on!

I've been loitering the Envato corridors for a couple of years in one form or another; firstly as a staff writer at Vectortuts+, then as Editor of Activetuts+. You may also have seen some of my random contributions such as the recent Tuts+ Bundle, the Remote Staff Infographic and the Tuts+ caricatures.

You can check out more of what I get up to on my site snaptin.com.

Me in a Nutshell

  • My name's Ian (you can call me Ian)
  • I was born in sunny Yorkshire, England, just as Duran Duran were forming..
  • I studied Graphic Design in Nottingham, England (though I'm still not sure it was entirely the best route to go)
  • I live in France
  • I have two little girls aged 6 and 3
  • My good wife is Dutch
  • Give me a Mac over a PC any day
  • Give me the great outdoors over a Mac any day

My name's Ian YatesMy name's Ian YatesMy name's Ian Yates

The Future's Bright

I'm really excited about looking after Webdesigntuts+! It's a great site, has a great community behind it and has huge potential. I'm already working on a few changes but I'm all ears. If you have anything you'd like to see on the site, be it a subject, a specific tutorial, a new post format, a guest writer, whatever - I want to hear about it! Feel free to throw a comment up on our Facebook page, or tweet @envatowebdesign!

Thanks for listening. Fasten your seatbelts please.

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