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Plugins for Collecting Donations and Fundraising With WordPress

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There are so many good causes, both big and small. Thanks to WordPress and some nifty plugins, anyone can collect funds online for the cause of their choice.

Let’s examine some tips for accepting donations online and take a peek at some WordPress plugins to simplify the process.

1. Encourage Recurring Donations

Whether you’re raising funds for a political campaign or to help a friend in need, recurring donations can play an important role in maintaining momentum. Providing donors with an option to automatically give weekly, monthly or yearly will keep funds coming in while you focus on recruiting new donors. Even small recurring donations can really add up over time.

EasyPay is a complete fundraising suite that provides recurring donation capabilities. The forms can be set to support multiple payment forms like PayPal, Direct bank transfer, and Stripe payment. You can also change the time period of recurring payment displayed on the form by going to Recurring Setting in Easy Pay Plugin. 

EasyPay WordPress Paypal  Stripe Plugin to Pay OnlineEasyPay WordPress Paypal  Stripe Plugin to Pay OnlineEasyPay WordPress Paypal  Stripe Plugin to Pay Online
EasyPay: WordPress Paypal & Stripe Plugin to Pay Online

2. Offer Perks

In this age of crowdfunding, offering rewards (or perks) for specific donation levels is a widespread practice. Rewarding donors encourages them to give in larger amounts than they may have otherwise been prepared to do. Plus, if the perks are interesting enough, you might just create some extra buzz around your campaign.

Galaxy Funder works alongside WooCommerce to create a complete crowdfunding-style website. Community members can create their own fundraising campaigns through the front end of the site, and they can offer multiple levels of perks to donors.

Galaxy FunderGalaxy FunderGalaxy Funder
Galaxy Funder

3. Proudly Display Campaign Goals

Sharing your fundraising goals with potential donors can help to create a sense of community. That “we’re in this together” spirit can inspire donors to take action. By making donations and encouraging others to support the campaign, they’ll want to ensure that goals are met and even surpassed.

4. Make the Process Simple

If you’re going to ask people to part with their hard-earned money, don’t make your website’s donation process difficult. Clearly state your case for donating and then ensure that it’s easy to do so.

That simplicity is at the heart of Donation Manager for WordPress. Quickly create a fundraising campaign, and then add it to any WordPress page or post with a shortcode. Users have to fill out a small form and pick their payment method. No hoops to jump through or obstacles to work around.

5. Incorporate Donations Into an Existing Shop

Maybe you already have an online store and would like to start a new charitable effort. It can be a wonderful way to help raise funds while bolstering your own reputation. In this case, you don’t necessarily need to make donating a centerpiece of your site.

WooCommerce Donation Plugin is an excellent solution, as it can be added to an existing WooCommerce site. Create a “donation” product in WooCommerce and it will be added to the checkout process. There, a shopper can add an amount to donate and continue on with checkout. It’s easy to use and can help make a positive impact.

WooCommerce Donation PluginWooCommerce Donation PluginWooCommerce Donation Plugin
WooCommerce Donation Plugin

Do Good With WordPress

WordPress, by its very nature, is all about democratizing the publishing process. Through plugins, we can easily bend and shape it into a force for good. Taking donations has never been easier.

Think of all those little donations from all corners of the earth. Add them together and see the difference they can make.

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