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Tuts+ Wants You: We're Looking for Fireworks Pros


Calling all Fireworks gurus! We publish regular content from authors all over the world and on a huge variety of topics within the web design industry. One area I feel we could make more of is Adobe Fireworks - do you have wisdom to share?

Adobe Fireworks

Whether we're talking wireframing or pixel-perfect final concepts, web designers will often reach for Photoshop to do the job. But Photoshop was never conceived as a design tool, and it's effectively had to catch up in terms of features to keep designers happy. Fireworks, on the other hand, was always intended for multimedia design layout.

I'm not particularly interested in a vs. debate, but I am interested in properly exploring the capabilities of Fireworks. Do you know Fireworks in and out? Can you teach others how to speed up their workflow and boost their creativity? This is a paid gig; throw some ideas my way and we'll talk dollars!

Excellent! Where do I Sign Up?

Send an email over to webdesign[at]tutsplus[dot]com, with the following details:

  • Your name.
  • A short bio about yourself, also listing your strengths and interests in the field of web design.
  • A brief synopsis of your Fireworks tutorial ideas (I need to understand what you're describing - sell it!)
  • Any other relevant work, portfolio pieces, experience.

I won't be able to reply to all submissions, but expect an email very soon if you've made the grade :)

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