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Tuts+ Wants You: We're Looking for Quick Tip Screencasts!


Calling all web design gurus! I'm looking for your Quick Tips. Most of us use tricks and techniques which we barely think about during our day to day work routine, but could benefit the whole web design community if shared. Read on to find out if you have what I'm looking for!

Quick Tip Screencasts

Maybe you have a technique to make design workflow smoother? Perhaps you have a novel tactic where dealing with client presentations is concerned? Have you recently discovered a new tool which helps you build web pages faster? Is there an aspect of web design which you believe is misconceived and should be improved? Whatever it is, I want to hear about it.

I'm specifically after screencasted material. A Quick Tip need only be 4 or 5 minutes long, so solutions such as screenr.com or Jing are the perfect way to capture it. If you're a more experienced screencaster then feel free to use whatever setup you're comfortable with.

Screencasts aren't for everyone though. If you can't bear the sound of your own voice, or simply prefer seeing things in black and white, feel free to send through a concept for a written Quick Tip.

An accepted Quick Tip will earn you $75.

Excellent! Where do I Sign Up?

Send an email over to webdesign[at]tutsplus[dot]com, with the following details:

  • Your name.
  • A short bio about yourself, also listing your strengths and interests in the field of web design.
  • A brief synopsis of your Quick Tip (I need to understand what you're describing - sell your idea!)
  • Any other relevant work, portfolio pieces, experience.

I won't be able to reply to all submissions, but expect an email very soon if you've made the grade :)

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