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Tuts+ Wants You: We’re Looking For Two Specific Tutorials!

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Calling all web design gurus and writers! I'm looking for two tutorials on specific subjects. Maybe the topics just happen to be within your areas of expertise? Maybe you'd like to earn a few hundred extra dollars before the end of the year? Read on to find out if you're who I'm looking for!

Between now and the new year I'd like to publish:

Topic 1: A rock solid tutorial on the LESS CSS framework.

You'll be explaining the use of variables, mixins, nested rules etc. and all within a real-world scenario. Aim for beginners, cover the foundations, then throw something extra in for those with a bit more know-how. This needs to be the post to check out for anyone interested in starting out with LESS.

This one-off tutorial will earn you $250.

Topic 2: A series of tutorials which walk through designing and building a kick-ass responsive theme.

Whether you favor a magazine, blog, portfolio, landing page, app promo site, whatever, you'll begin the series by laying out your design on a solid grid. You'll discuss the decisions, the hurdles, the solutions, and at the end of the first part, you'll have a brilliant design ready for interpreting in the browser.

The second (and possibly third) parts will concentrate on taking your design and translating it into a flexible, responsive web design. You'll need to know your way around relative measurements and media-queries, offering advice for some of the pitfalls of responsive design.

These tutorials will earn you $250 each, with the added bonus of being able to sell the final result on Themeforest!

Excellent! Where do I Sign Up?

Send an email over to webdesign[at]tutsplus[dot]com, with the following details:

  • Your name.
  • A short bio about yourself, also listing your strengths and interests in the field of web design.
  • A single link to an article/tutorial you've written, or really like.
  • Any other relevant work, portfolio pieces, experience.

I won't be able to reply to all submissions, but expect an email very soon if you've made the grade :)

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