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Web Design Workshop #17: Cold Call Radio Show

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Web Design Workshop is our regular community project where we ask readers to submit their work for your friendly, constructive criticism. It's the perfect way to learn, offer opinions and have your own work critiqued! This week, a radio show website..

Rules of Engagement

Play nice! We deliberately select work which will benefit from advice and pointers. If you can't be constructive in your comments, don't. Other than that, offer any advice you can give. Feel free to link to examples and images which back up your points.

The Design

Web Design Workshop #17Web Design Workshop #17Web Design Workshop #17

The link just goes to the current site. But the file included is an image of the new design I came up with after I designed the new logo. I like the colours and the typography the most. I would like the whole design critiqued. My design skills have been improving a lot over the past year and I don't really have anyone that can professionally critique my work without bias. - Chad Gregory

Looking for constructive criticism on your own work? Submit it for a workshop - most but not all submissions are published. Be patient though, there could be a queue..
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