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Web Design Workshop #28: JitBit

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Web Design Workshop is our regular community project where we ask readers to submit their work for your friendly, constructive criticism. It's the perfect way to learn, offer opinions and have your own work critiqued! This week, a small, friendly software company..

Rules of Engagement

Play nice! We deliberately select work which will benefit from advice and pointers. If you can't be constructive in your comments, don't. Other than that, offer any advice you can give. Feel free to link to examples and images which back up your points.

The Design

Web Design Workshop #28Web Design Workshop #28Web Design Workshop #28

The main inspiration of this design for me was this little blog post called "The Flat Design Era". I really liked the idea behind it and asked our designer Artiom Dashinsky to make something in that style..

..this an e-commerce web-site and its main purpose is to sell our apps, so we were really worried about the conversions, but at the same time we wanted it to look contemporary and, well, fancy.

There were some design challenges along the way. For example every product page contains a deferent set of elements. We worked hard together to make it look good with any possible set. Also we needed most of the content to remain unchanged (SEO reasons) and it wasn't quite fit into the new design, so we had to sacrifice some things. Sometimes we had to trash the most beautiful ideas because of that, which is sad, but we really could't do anything about that.

After some thinking, we decided to go with Bootstrap and it was a very good decision. Despite the fact that some elements required lots of custom markup and styling, Bootstrap saved us a lot of time, although we mostly used its grid module.

The biggest technological challenge were web-fonts. It's took me a while to figure out how to make it look good on every platform and on every browser. Surprisingly, Chrome turned out to require the most work and I never had a single problem with IE 7+. The worst part is the webKit font antialiasing algorithms on Mac OS X. I literally had to manually try all available algorithms for every font style of the both fonts we use. - Maksim Al Farakh

Looking for constructive criticism on your own work? Submit it for a workshop - most but not all submissions are published. Be patient though, there could be a queue..
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