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Weekend Freebie! The Aureus Landing Page (PSD)

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I originally designed the Aureus Landing Page for ThemeForest. However, I changed my mind and decided to share it with all of you guys instead - I love giving back to the design community!

Aureus Landing PageAureus Landing PageAureus Landing Page

Aureus is designed for anyone wanting a clean, subtle design for their homepage or web application. With its fully layered, well organized PSD file, you'll find it very easy to locate and change whatever you wish.

Layers are placed in groups and named accordingly, all for your comfort of usage and customization! Enjoy!

Font Information:

Logo: Nevis
Headings: News Gothic (Bebas Neue from FontSquirrel is a great free alternative)

Content: Arial (standard font)
Buttons: Helvetica Neue (standard font)

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