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Weekend Inspiration: Time-Lapse Web Design

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Recently, I designed and coded a website, recording my screen whilst I did so. The following two videos cover the entire process, but to save you sitting through 10 hours of footage I've condensed the whole lot into a 17 minute film. I hope you find it entertaining and, above all, inspiring!

Client: ExtremMT2
Total time elapsed: ~10 hours
Project on: DeviantART
Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Additional tools: ConvertICO for converting PNG to ICO, Web developer toolbar for Firefox

Part 1: Designing

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Time elapsed: ~4 hours
Video speed: 28x
Soundtrack: Phainomenon by Manual

Part 2: Coding

Software: Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Time elapsed: ~6 hours
Video speed: 55x
Languages / tools: XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Soundtrack: Pulsations by Manual

Final Result

Editor's Note: I for one never tire of seeing time-lapse work processes. If this is something you do (or want to have a crack at) and fancy having it featured on the site, then let me know!
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