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Weekend Lecture Series | Seth Godin: Why are so many things broken?

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Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome conference doesn’t mean that you can’t still watch the lectures! Each weekend, we’ll feature a recommended web design related lecture on Webdesigntuts+.

In this weekend’s talk, we've got a great video featuring one of my favorite thinkers, Seth Godin, explaining all about why things are broken.

About the Video

Why are so many things broken? In this entertaining talk, Seth Godin gives a tour of things poorly designed, the reasons why they are that way, and how to fix them.

This is a great video for us web designers because it gets down to the reasons why so many things end up poorly designed on the web. You'll be surprised to find out that it's not that there are "dumb" designers out there... the reasons why things are broken has a lot more to do with plain old human nature than a lack of intelligence.

Oh, and if you haven't heard of Seth Godin yet, this is an awesome introduction to one of the great thinkers behind the web and technology field over the last decade. Proof: this video, recorded in 2006, is just as relevant today as it would have been in 2000.

Seth Godin at the Gel Conference

So, which of these reasons have you encountered? I know I've run into each one at some point over the last couple months... sometimes far too often than I'd like to admit. Discuss your own stories and reactions to the video below!

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