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Welcome to the New Home of Web Design on Tuts+

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For many, many months the Tuts+ team has been working to bring all the individual sites into one place, a single Tuts+ site. Doing this gives us the opportunity to grow into new areas and allows you to find all the content you want from across the whole network.

Rest assured, the changes behind the scenes are huge, but what excites me most (and I think you'll agree) is the updated front end. Learn about web design principles in an environment which practices what it preaches; clean typography, refined UX, functional space and responsive layouts make for a very smooth reading experience.

For those of you tuned into our social channels (you are following them, right?!) nothing has changed on that front. Follow Tuts+ Web Design on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to stay up to date with the wide world of web design.

For more on the improvements happening here, take a look at the introductory post by our Editorial Manager, David.

Spend a moment familiarising yourself with the new Web Design homepage; soak up the latest posts, dive into the categories, explore the series, and if you're new to web design we've compiled a list of posts to get you started.

Your reactions to our ongoing improvements are very welcome, so please feel free to voice your thoughts via our feedback form. We hope you enjoy the new Tuts+!

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