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Welcome to Webdesigntuts+!

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Today we're extremely proud to launch Webdesigntuts+, the 10th member of the Tuts+ family. Though we have a long history of publishing excellent web design content, Webdesigntuts+ is our first site completely dedicated to this topic - one which we're very passionate about.

If you're tired of the endless round-ups and lists circulating on web design blogs, we hope Webdesigntuts+ will offer a refreshing change. We'll be publishing in-depth tutorials on designing complete interfaces and UI elements, coupled with in-depth articles on web design theory, workflow and strategy.

Better yet, we've recruited Brandon Jones (epicera), an industry veteran and ThemeForest top-selling author, to helm the site and make sure it's the best web design blog around!

Bio: About the Editor

From sunny Southern California, Brandon Jones has been designing, drawing, photographing, and coding the world around him for the past several years. Not content to pick one media and stick with it, Brandon has developed a broad range of talents which have allowed him to work on projects ranging from grungy digital art kits to Fortune 500 software prototyping.

With a strong background in graphic design, digital illustration, and user interface design (as well as a smattering of front-end programming languages), Brandon has had the opportunity to work with a variety of award winning studios through his young career. He also has a background in communications and marketing. He has attended a number of colleges in Southern California, but counts himself as a largely self-taught and self-motivated designer with a desire to play a larger role in the design community. He is currently a student in the Cal Poly Pomona Design Department where he is finishing a new degree in Graphic Design & Art History.

Brandon Jones is currently the second highest-selling author on ThemeForest, Envato's marketplace for buying and selling website themes.

Wishlist: What Do You Want to See?

Is there a topic you're dying to see covered well? A designer we should ask to write for us? Is there something you definitely don't want to see on Webdesigntuts+? Leave a comment and let us know your requests. Every suggestion will be read by the Webdesigntuts+ Editor.

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