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What's the Most Valuable Lesson You've Ever Learned?


The Manual is a book for web designers, published in three editions annually. No, not an eBook, there's no Kindle edition and you can't read it on your iPad - it's a printed, tangible book which you can put on an actual shelf. Interested in winning a year's subscription? Read on to find out how..

Packed with stories and thoughts from our industry's super stars, The Manual offers a very personal look at events and issues which shape the world of design and development. It makes for very compelling reading actually; each of the six contributors puts forward an article followed by a personal lesson.

The lessons can be enjoyed by everyone, as they're not specifically design-related, and if you're a nostalgic type you'll find them particularly appealing. For example, I love Frank Chimero's lesson (issue #1) a tale in which he receives what at the time seems like harsh feedback from someone he's keen to impress. Having been on the sharp end of rude awakenings myself in the past, I can imagine the pleasure he gets looking back on it, having learned and moved on!

Three beautiful, illustrated hardbound books a year, each holding six articles and six personal lessons that use the maturing of the discipline of web design as a starting point for deeper explorations of our work and who we are as designers.

Aside from the content, the books themselves receive enormous care and attention in terms of production. They're beautifully bound, printed on sumptuous materials, very nicely designed (obviously) and filled with rich illustrations. Great things to 'have'.

Win a Year's Subscription!

The man begin The Manual, Andy McMillan, has kindly offered up a year's subscription (three issues) to one lucky Webdesigntuts+ reader. So how do you enter?

I want to know what your most valuable life lesson has been. It can be design related, non-design related, strange, obvious, seemingly insignificant even. If it impacted you at the time, or since, I want to know. Tell us in the comments and next Saturday (31st March 2012) I'll pick which lesson I feel is most deserving of the prize.

Envato Staff or people who've contributed more than two tutorials to Tuts+ are not eligible to enter (sorry). Good luck!

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