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Why Design Matters To Your Business

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Why is design is a good business decision? Because good user experience brings intangible value in terms of adding happiness (delight) to a routine task, engaging memory or increasing brand trust, as well as non-visual improvements such as clearly communicating to your audience in the best way, whether through memorable branding or effective information architecture. 

More Cross-Device Experiences 

Nowadays people use an average of three devices and increasingly people own multiple devices, meaning a person may start one task on a smartphone, and complete the same task on their desktop or switch between devices throughout the process. 

“Nearly three quarters of U.S. adults now own desktop or laptop computers” – pewinternet.org

Having a seamless experience between multiple devices is key to helping users achieve their goals with minimal friction.

It’s a designer’s role to think about how a system of products work in the context of cross-device use. Understanding the flow of the user journey and tasks to be done as they switch between devices can help you grow your business. A UX team can also focus on making a consistent experience across different touch-points and understanding the subtle differences in goals between different devices. 

Higher Expectations for User Experience 

For industry-leading products and brands, you are also raising expectations about the usability and quality of your products. User experience plays a role in making differentiated products that help connect business needs with user needs. 

Part of the design process is to understand the unspoken needs of the user and get people to understand the product value more efficiently. A common misunderstanding of design is that it’s only about a veneer that looks good. However, user experience encompasses more than aesthetics. As more organizations try to build high quality digital experiences, it’s important to realize that UX adds more than just visual polish, it helps to support high level business goals by paying attention to users and making them more effective in the tasks they set out to accomplish. 


“Good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential.” – Thomas Watson Jr

Good design makes your content and product shine by making it more clear, effective and relevant for your end users. Today, design and innovation are often intertwined in order to provide your users with the best possible experience and make your product stand out among competitors. By investing in user experience, you ensure every decision adds meaningful improvements to the key metrics that support your business objectives.

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