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3.1 Conclusion

Awesome work, you just completed all ten projects in 10 CSS3 Branding and Presentation Projects, nice job! There's nothing like jumping in an building something to really get a grasp on CSS3 coding techniques and you've now worked directly on animations done a few different ways. You've used flex box, transforms, filters, gradients, CSS3 Selectors, view port relative units and more. You've also seen that there are many different ways that you can apply CSS3 techniques to start expanding the boundaries on what you can do with your code. As well as having ten completed projects, you also now have ten foundations that are ready for you to fork off in different directions, changing them up in your own way, and using them to keep getting more and more familiar with CSS3. We'd love to see anything you work on, be it your ten finished projects or a variation of your own that you create based on them. Please tweet us your pins to #10css3projects. Thank you so much for taking this course. I hope you had a great time and that you learned a lot. I will see you in the next one.

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