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3.1 Conclusion

Great job, you've just finished creating 10 CSS3 UI and layout projects, awesome stuff. You've now had some real hands-on time with the many very cool coding techniques that CSS3 offers us. You've built things that you never could have done before without JavaScript. You've worked with all sorts of CSS3 properties, like animation, transforms, flex box, new selectors, and a whole bunch more. And I hope you've picked up a few new CSS3 tricks that you'll tuck into your web design toolbox for the future. Once you've finished building each one of your ten projects, you should feel free to treat them as a starting point for your own unique creations. We would love to see your remixes, modifications, and recreations of your projects. So please do share any extra pens that you create with us by tweeting them to #10CSS3projects. And there's still lots and lots more that you can do with CSS3. And we'd like to keep helping you learn how. So keep an eye out for more courses in this series, starting with 10 CSS3 branding and presentation projects, which is coming out soon. Until then, thanks so much for taking this course, and I'll see you next time.

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