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1.1 Introduction

CSS3 is something that web designers hear about every other day. But when CSS3 refers to dozens of properties that can be applied in many different ways, how can you come to understand it all in a meaningful way? Learning the syntax of the latest CSS is part of the equation. But what you also need is the ability to get hands on, and see how you can actually apply CSS3 in a practical way. When you finish this course, you'll have personally built ten complete CSS3 powered projects. You'll learn how to add new life into UI elements that always used to be mundane and run-of-the-mill. You'll learn tricks to handle managing layouts in fresh new ways. And you'll discover how to create several different types of UI elements that always used to depend on JavaScript. In the process, you'll have learned to work with animation, transitions, flexbox, pseudo-elements, new types of selectors, 2D transforms, 3D transforms, and much, much more. So let's jump in and get started building your first project in ten CSS3 UI and layout projects.

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