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1.2 Installing Bootstrap

Welcome to the first lesson of this short course, where you’ll learn how to install the Bootstrap files and get access to the grid system.

1.2 Installing Bootstrap

Welcome to the first lesson in this short course where you'll learn how to download Bootstrap and get access to the grid system. Now, when it comes to downloading Bootstrap there are a few options available. So, if we go to getbootstrap.com, we hit download, we can find, first of all, the compiled CSS and JavaScript. We can download those files, they are already compiled and minified, and all we have to do is include them in your HTML page. If you want access to the Sass files, or let's say uncompiled and unminified source files, you can get them right here. You can also use the CDN or Content Delivery Network to link to the CSS and JavaScript directly, by using these links right here. If you're familiar with the command line and you're using something like npm, you can use that to install Bootstrap. This will install the source files, and not the compiled ones, you'll have to compile them manually. Of course you can also use Ruby if that's what you want. But, the simplest way if you're just getting started is by using BootstrapCDN. Now there is an alternative to this. If you are using Mac OS you can use an application called CodeKit, and CodeKit allows you to create a project. And then for that particular project, install a package via Bower. And as you can see here, we have a Bootstrap package that you can download and install it into your own project. And that's exactly what I did here. One quick note, I did install this package for the final lesson of the course, because I needed the source files there. But otherwise, for the rest of the lessons, I'm simply loading the Bootstrap CSS from its CDN, because the CSS is all we need right here. So, there you go. That's how you can download Bootstrap and get access to the grid system. Now, let's move on to the first lesson or actually the second lesson in this course where we'll talk about containers, rows, and columns which represent the basics of build with the Bootstrap grid. See you there.

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