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8.1 Final Thoughts

Hi guys, welcome back to a Beginners Guide to Using Joomla! And in this lesson I'd like to draw an outline of the final conclusion to this course. So the first thing I'd like to touch upon is Joomla's extensibility and flexibility. Joomla is the foundation of the content management system. But then we build upon it with components in all different types of extensions. So components are like mini applications. And they just allow us to do pretty much anything we'd like in terms of content. You have contacts, you have articles, banners, and web links, and all the other types of components. And what's really fantastic about components is the permission system. Joomla allows you to set the default permissions into the global configuration, but then also set the permissions to each individual component found in the Joomla system. This again gives an immense amount of control. And we're not just blocking off an entire component. We can block off certain parts of the component. And then you have even more control. When it comes to items within a component. So we have let's say the articles component as an example. And we have articles, which are the items within the component, but also you have the article category items. And category items are quite special and unique by the fact that most of them allow you a nice permission set for that category. So again, that's even more control down to the itemized level. And on top of that with your items, you normally have a viewing access level if that item is viewable on the front-end. We have so much control over the permission system of not only the back-end but also of the front-end. And then you have modules that can also be associated with components. These modules can produce small snippets of code that can be placed into certain positions of the front-end template. And also, the back-end templates as well. Then you have your templates. Your templates can have very different layouts and looks, and they can have different positions, and you can find those positions in the Template Manager. And there's just so much to this content management system. Yes, there are a few little tiny bugs here and there. But overall, what a wonderful open content management system, we really have. Joomla is fantastic. I hope one day you start making components for this and start making templates and really get into Joomla. It's a wonderful content management system. I hope you've enjoyed this course. And thanks for watching.

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