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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to this course ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Using Joomla’. To start things off I’m going to show you what we’ll be covering throughout this course. Next we’ll be moving straight on to installation.

1.1 Introduction

Hi guys. Welcome to this course, a beginners guide to using Joomla. Joomla is a very popular content management system and it's used by some large companies such as eBay. Now Joomla has a lot of options available to us but we need to know what those options are and how they effect the way the content management system works. This course will cover the backend of Joomla and how we can change the options and change the way the content management system looks and works. Joomla is a very simple content management system on the surface, but it does offer a whole host of options. Many people get intimidated by all of those options in the backend, but there's no need to. The options are very straightforward once you know everything and where everything is. And you'll see that Joomla, even though it offers a lot of options, it has a very nice backend to break things apart, so you can easily find the option that you need. And also what's more important is its extensibility and its flexibility. For example, you can have different templates for different pages. You can have a whole contact system work straight out of the box with Joomla and you have the whole host of other options as well. It really is great and flexible, once you know how those options work and how to utilize them when you need to. So thank you for watching me in this lesson. And I hope you can join me in the next lesson, where we'll take a look at the installation and the hosting options available to you with Joomla.

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