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3.1 Add Physical, External, and Downloadable Products

Hello, and welcome back to this tuts-plus course on getting started with WooCommerce. In this part of the course, I'm gonna show you how to add products to your store and I'll show you how to add different kinds of products. So let's start by adding a new product, now here I'm in my store and I'm in WooCommerce Products, I could just click on products or on all products and to add a new product, I could either click add new product here, or I could click the Add New button up here. So one of my products or books, so my name of my product is gonna be the title of the book. So that's the first book I'm adding and for now I'm gonna make this a simple product. So it's gonna be a product that I have to send people to not gonna be a virtual or downloadable product. So the price for this is gonna be 10 pounds, it won't be taxable, It's taxable, but it's on zero rate tax because it's a book. And so I've now got I need to add my longer description here, my short description here. So, So I've got a blurb, which I'll add here as my long description and then I'm going to take the opening paragraph mat and add it as my short description. So I have two descriptions there, the long one and we'll see in a moment have a look on the page and a short one as well and I'm gonna add an image, so I'll take an image from my media library. And then I, Publish or update I'd already made some changes to this and published it. So you click Publish, so now let's view my product. So here we have the image which has come out the right size, we have the price. We have a short blurb add to cart, the SKU and then we have the description and additional information which is the weight and dimensions. To be honest, I might actually remove those because WooCommerce isn't using them to calculate shipping or anything like that and it just gives you a little bit of information that you don't really need. So let's we can either go back using the back arrow in the browser or we can click on Edit product up here to edit it. So I'll go down, To shipping and I'll remove that information there cuz customers don't need to worry about that. So have an update my product and now I'm gonna add another product. So I click on add new and this time I'm gonna add an external product. So a copy in my Blurb. And that's my short description, I'm gonna add a product image, which is the cover of the book. And then this one is an external product, so I'll select external or affiliate product here. And then I go into Amazon. And then I opened up Amazon and this is the product so simply copy this link, now if you have an affiliate account, which I do, but I don't have access to it right now, you can add an affiliate link so that you can make affiliate income from your store. So the button text by default is by product, so I'm gonna put buy on Amazon. Price, go back to that, it's 2.99. That I'm not gonna add the price because then if the price ever changes on Amazon, I have to make sure I change it in this store and I don't want to have to keep doing that. Unless, It's on a zero rate of tax. So that's that product added and let's publish that. So there's our second one, now actually, it doesn't look as good without the price, so let's edit that and add the price in. And update it. View the product. There you go, we can see the price and if you click on that, it'll take you to Amazon where you can buy it. And go back to my site, go back again and now I'm gonna add a third product and this one will be a downloadable product. So I've added an external product, a physical product, and now I'm adding a downloadable product. Now this book is going to be a free download. Now I haven't actually got a blurb for it yet, so I won't add a description yet, so that's virtual and downloadable. It's still a simple product and it's free. Now when you're adding a downloadable product, you need to add the file, so you either add a file by uploading a file, or you can add a URL. So I'm gonna add a link to my book club page, because that's where you can download the file. We can set a download limit, I'm gonna put that at 2, I'm not gonna make it expire, it's not taxable. About the product image over here, which again is the book cover and then I'll publish my product, now let's view it. So here you can see my free book, I can add it to the cart here and there isn't any text at the moment that will obviously need to be added at some point. So that's how you add products to your store. In the next part of the course, I'll show you how to work with product attributes, Tags and Categories so that you can categorize your products and create departments in your store and also so that you can create variable products so people can buy different varieties of each product. See you next time and thanks for watching.

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