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4.1 An Overview of WooCommerce Extensions

Hello, and welcome back to this just class course on getting started with WooCommerce. In this part of the course, I'm gonna introduce you to WooCommerce extensions. And I'm gonna show you two places where you can buy plugins that will extend WooCommerce for you. So here we have the WooCommerce extensions store. These are the official extensions created by WooCommerce themselves and all of the extensions are listed here. There are 423 of them. So I'm not about to list all of them for you. But you can see if we go back up here, the categories, the types of extension, you can get. So we've got payments, shipping, marketing, subscriptions, enhancements, store management and themes. So we've seen some of those premium themes earlier on when we were installing WooCommerce using that wizard, and you can see here you can buy themes to go with WooCommerce. That gives you a bit more functionality than the free themes that you can get on the WordPress theme directory. So let's take a quick look at each of these. So here you can see there are different options for payment, so you can set up subscriptions, pre orders, and you can have payments have happening off site or on site. Then you can also include in person payments so that people have to pay in person. These extensions will help you prevent fraud. Try not to commit fraud [LAUGH] and help you prevent it on your store. So there are just a couple of them here anti fraud extensions. Let's take a look at the subscriptions extensions because there are actually 42 of those. So some of these are more general extensions around payments or PayPal and stripe and so forth. And those are all payment extensions, but you might use them for subscriptions as well. You've got gifting for WooCommerce subscriptions, paid courses, a number of different payment gateways. These are general payment gateways, but you can also let me see if I can find. In fact, actually if we go back to the main extension store, WooCommerce subscriptions is listed here. So that's one that you might use if you wanna set up products or services that people subscribe to rather than buying as a one-off. And WooCommerce will manage that whole process for you. It will take the payments automatically for you. And you can link it up with membership levels on your site as well. So let's go back and have a look at some of the other more popular ones. WooCommerce bookings. This is a really common one. For example, if you run a site for a hotel or a restaurant or a hairdressers or anything like that, where you need to take bookings, you can integrate bookings with the WooCommerce plugin. Now there are bookings plugins available on the WordPress plugin directory and some of those are free. But what you'll find if you use this is you can integrate sales products with sales of appointments, so that might be worth considering. And these are all aimed at people running decent scale professional stores because obviously they're quite expensive plugins. But if you're making money from your WooCommerce store, they can be well worth investing in. Another source of plugins for WooCommerce is CodeCanyon. And in CodeCanyon, there are hundreds, in fact almost a couple of thousand WooCommerce plugins. So the number here is much too great for me to go through in detail. But let's take a look at some of the bestsellers and the rising stars. We've got here. We've got one for Amazon affiliates, which would be useful if you want to link your WooCommerce store to your affiliate account on Amazon if you're running that. Got product options here, dynamic pricing and discounts, multi currency. I use one called currency switcher, which is similar that also comes from CodeCanyon I already talked about. We've got online food ordering. You set yourself up as an alternative to just eat an we've got delivery details. WhatsApp, people can use WhatsApp to pay for things on your store and so forth. So, whatever you need to do with WooCommerce, you will find something in here. One of the beauties of the CodeCanyon directory of WooCommerce plugins is that because there are so many, and there are often more than one that will do a similar thing but they'll be very slightly different so you'll be able to find something that has exactly what it is you need. And sometimes you might find that you have a very specific need, where you don't need to buy one of those big expensive WooCommerce extensions from the official WooCommerce store. Because you don't need all of the features of one of our plugins. But there might be a plug in here on CodeCanyon that does the specific thing that you need, and is also cheaper. So if you're looking to make your WooCommerce store, go a bit further or you need to add extra features, these are the two places that you can take a look. The other place of course, is the official WordPress plugin directory. So as well as WooCommerce itself, you'll find a whole bunch of free WooCommerce plugins here. Some of these are official WooCommerce plugins like this stripe plugin. And then you've got plugins like the Mailchimp plugin. You've got Gemini's to use in Germany. We've got PDF invoices and packing slips. So before you start paying for an add on, it's worth taking a look here and seeing if you can find it. Exactly what you need for free. Now generally, you'll find that the free plugins aren't as feature rich, or maybe aren't as user friendly as the paid ones. But it might be that if you want something that's not too big, you'll find it here in the free plugins directory, and you can always try it out and if it doesn't work for you, you can go and have a look in CodeCanyon or the WooCommerce website. So those are some of the extensions that you can get to make your WooCommerce store more feature rich. In the next part of the course, I'm gonna use one of these extensions to add an extra feature to my store and that's personalization of products. See you next time and thanks for watching.

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