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5.1 Conclusion

Hello, and welcome back to this tuts plus course on getting started with WooCommerce. In this part of the course I'll wrap up, and show you what we've done as we've gone through the course. So I started by showing you some examples of WooCommerce stores. So I showed you some of these examples of some fairly bespoke designs of WooCommerce stores. We then looked at installing the WooCommerce plugin, and we did it right within the interface in the up screens in WordPress. So the website that we started with was an author website. And the existing shop page just had a form and people use that to order a book, but it was far from ideal. So we added the WooCommerce plugin. So we started by installing WooCommerce and activating it. And then we went through the wizard to get it set up. And then showed you a bunch of the settings that you have available to you on WooCommerce and we worked through them to get our store set up. And once we've got the settings in place, we then looked at adding some products. So we added a range of products, some of which were variable. And each of those products was also added to a product category. So in this case because they were books by the same author, the product categories are used are series. Now this product is a variable product. So we use product attributes to create a format attribute. So we have paperback ebook and signed paperback. And then we added a variation for each of these. Which if I scroll down a bit, you can add a price for and make some of those virtual and some of those physical. So once we had our store page, we use the product categories, as a way of displaying products on that main store page. So each of these leads to a series by the author. And for each product, you can then buy that in whichever variation you want to. Or you can click through to a link on Amazon to buy it. And finally, we use the WooCommerce product add ons plugin which you can find on code Canyon, to add Text area to each product. And this means that if people want to buy signed paperbacks, they can add a dedication here. Which will go through to the order and then can be added to the book before it's sent out. So that's how you set up WooCommerce and use it to add a store to your existing website. I hope you found this course useful. Thanks for watching.

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