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2.6 WooCommerce Setup: Configuring Accounts and Emails

Hello, and welcome back to this Tuts+ course on getting started with WooCommerce. In this part of the course, we're gonna look at accounts, and privacy, and emails. So once again, we're in the WooCommerce Settings screens which you access via WooCommerce Settings. And here we'll start off in the Accounts and Privacy tab. So we have some options here for how accounts are managed. And we can allow customers to place orders without an account or to log into an existing account during checkout. Now I want to allow people to log into their account during checkout so I'll enable that. I'll also enable placing orders without an account. Because I don't want to force people to create an account cuz it might put them off buying something. I'll allow them to create an account during checkout and also allow them to create an account on the My Account page. We can automatically generate a username based on their name, surname or email, which makes things easier. And we can choose to automatically generate a password. I'm not gonna do that cuz I think people prefer to pick their own passwords. We can remove personal data from orders on request, because I'm gonna do because I'm in Europe. So I need to think about GDPR and we could also remove access to downloads on request. Now I'm not actually gonna do that because people have already paid for those files, so they still have access to them. I'm not gonna allow personal data to be removed in bulk for now, just in case I do it by accident. But that might become necessary later on. So now we're looking at privacy. So we need a privacy page and I've got a privacy policy on my site. So I'll add that there, I'll select that page and then we have a privacy policy, just some text for registration and checkout. And this includes a link to the privacy policy, so you can edit that if you want to. And here we have options for retaining personal data, which I'm gonna use. So inactive accounts, I'll keep those cuz somebody might want to sign back in. Well, actually, I guess, if we set something like three years, they're very unlikely to come back, aren't they? Pending orders, I'm gonna keep for a month. Failed orders, Again, I'll keep for a month. Canceled orders, I'll keep for a year and completed orders, I'll keep indefinitely. So I'll save my changes and that's my Accounts and Privacy settings. Now let's have a look at emails. So here you can see there are a number of email notifications that is set up by the system. So there's one for new order, these are notification emails that goes to the shop manager, to you, New order, Cancelled order, and Failed order. We then have emails that go to the customer for orders that are on hold, that are being processed or completed, that are being refunded, an invoice, an order details, a customer note, resetting their password and a new account. So let's take a look at one of these and see how you can manage it. So enabling this email notification for a new account and you can see there's default text. Now the additional content at the moment is a bit dry. So I'm gonna make it a little bit more, Making sure I type everything correctly. And I could add some extra information there. For example, I could add some information about the books that are being sold on the website, or links to buy them either in the store or elsewhere such as on Amazon. I can select the type of email it is, I'm gonna use HTML. Now there's a template file for the emails, which is in woocommerce/templates/emails/customer-new- -account.php. Now if you wanted to, you could copy that into your theme and edit it in order to override it. So you could do things like change the graphics and so forth. Now let's save our changes and then we'll take a look at this template. So this is just for viewing purposes. So this actually has got the tech so you see thanks for creating an account, your username is, you can access your account area. And then it'll also import, it'll also insert this content here. Now, I don't know about you, but I don't think it's very wise to edit this because there's a lot of code in here, there's a lot of translation. Unless you know what you're doing, you could very easily mess it up. So I would leave that as it is and don't worry about overwriting it in your theme. And you can then go through all of your emails and personalize the note that's added to those. So that's how you set up accounts and privacy and emails in your WooCommerce store. In the next part of the course, we'll start looking at how you add products to your store and how you configure your products for use within your WooCommerce store. See you next time and thanks for watching.

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