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3.2 Working With Product Categories, Tags, and Attributes

Hello, and welcome back to this Tuts+ course on getting started with WooCommerce. We've now added some products to our store, so it's time to start organizing them. And you can see I've added a whole bunch of products. I've priced some of them, but not all of them, which I'll show you why later. And I've added images for all of them as well. So the first thing I want to do is create product categories. Now, product categories are essentially the departments of your store. In a bookshop, traditionally, they would be genres. So you'd have a nonfiction department, a fiction department. And then within that, you might have a section for sci-fi, a section for romance, a section for thrillers, a section for new books, charts, all that sort of thing. Obviously, in this case, these are just all the books of one author. And although they are in multiple genres, what's more important is the series that they're in. So the categories I'm gonna use here are series. So to add categories, we go into Products, and then Categories. Now, it's important to remember these are not the same categories that are being used by your posts on your website. They are product categories, not regular categories. So I'm gonna add a category for each of the series that relate to these books. So WordPress has automatically generated slugs for these. So I'm gonna quick edit these. I'm gonna change that one into other. I'm gonna change that one to the-village. In fact, I'm just gonna call it village. That one I'm gonna make division-bell. That one I'm gonna just make zoe-finch. So we've now got all our categories that we can use for our books. So now let's go back to the products and assign them to some categories. Now, you can do this when you're actually editing or creating a book. So let's go into the editing screen for one of our products. And here we've got our categories. This one is in The Village trilogy. So I'll select that and then click Update. And then if I view the product, The Village trilogy. So let's go back to all of our products, And use Quick Edit to do it. So we now have categories for all of those. You also have the option of using Tags. And again, these are product tags, not regular tags. So I'm gonna use genres here. I spelled that wrong. So I've now added all of the genres that these books come under. And some of them come under multiple genres. So now having done that, I can then add my tags to my books. So again, I'll use Quick Edit. So I'm doing multiple books all in one go by selecting them, selecting Edit and Apply, and then adding, The relevant tags. So all of my products now have categories and tags. And I can now use those categories to sort products in the store and to display them by category. Which I'll show you how to do in the next part of the course. See you next time, and thanks for watching.

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