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1.1 Welcome to the Course

You’ll learn a lot in this WordPress tutorial, including how to install WordPress, add new content, customise WordPress themes, use WordPress plugins, and manage existing blogs or websites.

As you might imagine, it’s quite a long course, so we’ll split your WordPress training into three chapters. In this video, we’ll kick things off by explaining what’s to come in those three chapters and how they'll help you to learn WordPress thoroughly.

1.1 Welcome to the Course

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems available. It's versatile, constantly updated, and totally free. And with it, you can create simple blogs, large complex websites, and anything in between. Now, learning how to use it without any prior experience can be quite difficult. But after taking this course, I guarantee that you'll be very comfortable installing WordPress, adding new content, customizing themes, installing plugins, and also managing existing blogs or websites. This course is quite large, so we're gonna split it up in three chapters. First, we'll discuss the basics, what is WordPress, how to install it, both locally and on a live server. And we'll also get familiar with the dashboard. The second chapter is dedicated to content management. Here, you'll learn how to work with posts and pages, how to upload media, how to manage comments, and also how to work with widgets and menus. In the third and final chapter, you'll learn about working with themes, plugins, and also how to customize WordPress with the built-in settings. We have a lot to go through so let's kick things off with the basics. In the next lesson, we'll dive a little bit deeper into what is WordPress. See you there.

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