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2.8 A11y

The last command-line tool that we'll look at is A11y. I like to say it as A11y when there's no letter in front but otherwise it's alley. So totally alley, but this one alone is A11y. You can download it with no package manager and it's available on GitHub. Also it has a nice little tutorial to get you started using A11y. I'll go ahead and open my command line. I've already downloaded this package so it's available to me through the terminal. So for this one, we'll go ahead and take a look at what kind of output we get for ESPN.com. And we can see that the output has come back. Unsupported ARIA attribute. And we kind of get stuck, we can't really see all of what's going on. But if we scroll down the page here we can see that you can actually take a look at certain view port sizes, we can output to a dot txt file, and if we go back and say ally --help, we can see all the commands that will help us out. If we wanted it to be very thorough, we could go with verbose. But in this case, we go a11y ESPN.com -audit.txt, and you can name that whatever you want. So we hit ls. And we could se right here audit.txt. So vim audit.txt. And it opens up our entire file. We can see 857 lines and a lot of characters, 122,000. You could also go to finder and open this in whatever text editor you prefer, but I wanted to show you very quickly that the file was there and it's full of information. So now that we've got our tool belt ready, in the next chapter we'll take a look at some of the larger mistakes that are made when building sites that are easily avoidable, or easily fixed. Now we can use the tools we just learned about to create a better, more accessible experience.

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