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2.3 ChromeVox

See why ChromeVox is one of the top screen readers for Chrome. Mixing speed, versatility, and security, it allows visually impaired users to navigate easily through sites that are accessible.

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2.3 ChromeVox

The third screen reader we'll be taking a look at is ChromeVox. This is one that hops between Windows and Mac. It's one that I really enjoy using and telling people about. ChromeVox is a free extension, and as soon as you enable it ChromeVox activates and will start reading things for you. Much like VoiceOver for commands here you can use Ctrl+Cmd and then move right. >> List with two items. Chrome Vox user guide. Link list item. Feedback. Link list item. Chrome Vox key. This refers, if you are using ChromeVox on Chrome. Sticky Mode Heading 2. >> If you want to read from the current spot you can hit control command r. >> Sticky Mode. Heading 2. List with 3 items. On Chrome OS, double-tap the Search key to enable. >> And you can hit control to stop speaking. And overall same type of thing here. >> Reference a complete list of all the keyboard commands associated with ChromeVox. >> And I won't go too far into this one, because I do think that it has some of the best documentation out of the screen readers that I've shown. So you can go to ChromeVox User Guide, learn how to use it a little bit, and you can also check out the keyboard shortcuts. Again, ChromeVox, a Chrome extension available on Windows, as well as, Mac. Let's take it for a spin on an actual site. >> Home. Open NASA. Open NASA. Link Heading 1. >> So here we are on the NASA Open Source Project site and I'll go ahead and let ChromeVox do its thing. So, CTRL, command, R. >> Open NASA. Visited link heading one. Navigation, Open Data link. Explore With Us Blank, Data Stories, blank. >> And I'll go ahead and speed things up a little bit. Circle them through links. And this is with tab. >> Log Big Data/Big, Story Space Apps Project Acceleration. Maria feels innovation is important to Guatemala. Small countries like ours have brilliant minds too, but we need to work on the methodology and resources to help the team. Resource [SOUND] list with five items. Code. Link list item. >> So not only does it read through everything it also gives you a nice visual as well. So again, ChromeVox available on Windows and Mac, and that'll wrap it up for the screen reader tools. Let's go ahead and take a look at a few other tools we can use when testing for accessibility.

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