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2.2 NVDA

Developed by two blind developers, NVDA is one of the best options for Windows users that is totally open source. Find out how this screen reader differs from others and the top keys that are needed to navigate a page with NVDA.

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2.2 NVDA

Hey, John Hartley here with Tuts+. And the next screen reader we'll take a look at here is NVDA. This is a free screen reader for Windows and was created by two blind developers. NVDA has quickly become a frontrunner along the line of Jaws, which is not a free screen reader. And it's been kind of taking over some of that market. So, NVDA increasing popularity. Here is a look at how to use NVDA on Windows. To start, I'll hit Control Alt N. [SOUND] >> Task bar. >> So now NVDA is on, and one thing you'll notice is as soon as I move my mouse is that everything I hover over gets red. >> New NV access, home of the free NVDA screen reader. Support US News, download NVDA, download NVDA 2000 15.3, the latest version of the free screen reader made by users for users. >> So a little different already, the voice over, and would allow you to still use a mouse without needing a keyboard necessarily. >> Let's take a look at it on another site. >> Kodak home, Google Chrome window. >> So www.cota.com >> www.cota.com. Link skip to content. Link go to site. >> So, I want to go ahead and see what will happen if I read the entire site. For me, in my set up here in Windows, I press insert and then the down arrow key. >> Link go to site map, better landmark heading level 2 quick info, heading level 1 visited link cota. >> Navigation, land mark, heading to level maintain, navigation list with six items, link riding, now link maps and routes link, fairs and passes link, company link, projects link, contact, US out list. >> So it reads pretty well, and to stop I'm just hitting CTRL. You can also read the current line, so if we move down here, and get to the game. Go over here. So I'm inside this content now, and if I want to read from this current line, I just hit insert up arrow. >> Heading level one OSU Football service. >> If I want it to say everything from the current spot, I hit Insert and down arrow. >> Heading level one OSU Football service. Heading level to Bus. Hit to the Buckeyes. Football season is upon us. Skip the chaos of traffic and parking this year and take COTA to the game. >> Now with MVDA, you get different keyboard layouts, you have touch gestures, and there's a whole list of other keyboard shortcuts that I didn't get to, but I wanted to give you a quick look at MVDA, and what you can do with it on Windows. Again, this is a free tool, and only available on Windows.

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