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3.1 Final Thoughts

In this course we’ve put our knowledge of Vue.js to practical use as we pulled data from an API and displayed it using the Vue.js framework. Having completed this course, you've now expanded your knowledge of the Vue framework and had a little fun in the process. Thank you for watching!

3.1 Final Thoughts

Hello and welcome back to a Practical Approach to Working with Vue.js and the APIs. In this short course we've looked at how to pull in live data from a movie database API and how to display that data In the browser using the very powerful Vue.js framework. Hopefully you've learned a lot about how to take this framework and make it work for you in a practical setting. And now, armed with this knowledge, hopefully you'll be able to go out and do some amazing work of your own with Vue.js. So I wanna thank you again so much for watching. My name is Craig Campbell, and I'll see you next time.

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