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4.1 Conclusion

That's it! Thanks to BuddyPress, your WordPress site now has social networking features.

I'm Rachel McCollin, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching!

4.1 Conclusion

Hello and welcome back to this Tuts+ course on adding Social Media to your WordPress site with BuddyPress. In this course you've learned how to activate BuddyPress and configure it for your site. So let's take a look at what we did. We started with a clean installation of WordPress, and then we added the BuddyPress plugin. So once you activated the plugin you'd be taken in to this setting page, which we worked through during the course. Now, this is where you select your components and we selected all of them for the purposes of the course. We then configured the pages in BuddyPress. And BuddyPress added the number of pages for us, which we then associated with different components of BuddyPress. So if we take a look at our pages screen, you can see all of our pages there. Once we've done that we moved onto the reading settings. So instead of showing the latest post on the home page, we selected the activity page, we choose a BuddyPress page. And we used this blog page, which I've already created for all the new posts. And once we'd done that we went on to set up a menu, and you can see the menu here in the menu screen and you can also see it on the front end of our site. So this gives you access to lots of different aspects of BuddyPress. Having done that we moved on to adding some widgets. And you can see the widgets that we added on down here at the bottom of the screen. BuddyPress gives you a whole bunch of widgets that you can add to your site. So now you know how to get started with BuddyPress, and how to add it to your WordPress installation in order to create a social media site. I hope you found this course useful. Thanks for watching.

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