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1.5 Conclusion

Let’s quickly summarise what we’ve learned in our fresh look at Adobe Dreamweaver: a few little drawbacks, but a bright future as Dreamweaver continues to improve.

1.5 Conclusion

So you've come to the end of looking at Dreamweaver and our fresh perspective on it. I must admit, I've deliberately glossed over a couple of negatives with Dreamweaver. For a start, it's not the fastest application in the world to open and use. But on a decent machine it's fast enough to not notice. It doesn't deal with SaaS very gracefully at the moment either and doesn't color it properly. It would be really nice if it could compile it. I've also had a few issues with certain side definitions who have files suddenly take ages to open, but other than that it's just a bug. But there's great news on the horizon of for Dreamweaver users and that's that Adobe's Brackets Editor, which is a totally different product, is gonna be kind of rolled into the editing environment in Dreamweaver. Bracket's got some really nice plug-ins for it like SaaS integration and all kinds of things which could be really useful. So I look forward to seeing where that goes. As I said at the start you might actually be paying for Dreamweaver as part of your Adobe Cloud subscription. So why not give it a go? See how it help you, even if it's just that the tool in the tool box. Even if it's just for formatting code or for you as an FTP client or updating site wide links, it could be a really useful addition to your workflow.

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