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1.1 Introduction

Welcome to a quick overview of what we’ll cover in this short course. Firstly, we will take a look at tools aimed at helping with design. In part two, we’ll look at some of the features to help with coding. Finally in the third lesson, we’ll look into some of the time-saving tricks that Dreamweaver offers.

1.1 Introduction

Hello my name is Leigh Howells and I'd like to welcome you to this Tuts+ short course Dreamweaver, a Fresh Perspective. So Dreamweaver is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, and you could actually be paying for it already as part of your subscription. So why would you want to pay out for another editor with the same or fewer features of Dreamweaver? It does have a lot of things which are really useful. Some editors are missing all kinds of things that Dreamweaver's got as default. Such as FTP, site-wide intelligent linked updating and tag display, DOM visualization, all kinds of things. For a long time, Dreamweaver's been seen as a tool for beginners. This dates back to a time when its live view design window was pushed as a way you could draw or do design in the design window, drawing layers visually and letting Dreamweaver create code in the background. Code which was regarded universally as terrible, too, I should add. But that was a long time ago and it's time we had another look at it. So in this fresh perspective, we're gonna look at some visual design features of Dreamweaver, tools in the coding environment, and lots of little time savers that can really speed up your workflow.

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