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3.7 Working With Adobe XD Plugins

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use plugins in Adobe XD. Plugins are add-ons you can install, and they offer extra functionality or features that are not native to XD. Let’s check them out.

3.7 Working With Adobe XD Plugins

Welcome back to the course. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use plugins in Adobe XD and plugins are basically add ons you can install and they offer additional functionality or features that are not native to XD. So let's check that out. To open the Plugins Page, you can go to the Start menu, Add-ons, or from the main interface, you can click on this little button here. This is going to take you to the plugins page and you can hit Discover Plugins. And it's gonna take you to this page here that recommends certain plugins, like for example UI Faces. You can also browse through the various categories, you can search for a specific plugin, and you can also manage the plugins that you have installed. So let's go ahead and install one of these plugins UI Faces, for example. Now that's installed, I can close this window and notice that I have a new plug-in here. The way to use this plug-in, if I remember correctly, it's very simple. You just create a shape, you select it and then you click on the plug-in. You can choose from the various options that you have here, like where do you want to get the images from? You can select the age, gender, emotion and so on. And you just hit Apply. Do you wanna redo it? You just hit Apply again. And if that doesn't work for you, you can tamper with the filters here, and you would just hit Apply again until you get to the result that you want. So this is just one of the examples. Other plugins will work differently of course. So let's go back and let's add another plugin, like for example, this Lorem Ipsum, which you will insert placeholder text. So let's create a text area and go here, fill with placeholder text. Then you select the various options that you want. And those are just two examples of working with plugins. I highly recommend you open up this plug-in page. There are lots and lots of plug-ins you can choose from. So just find the ones that suit your workflow and help you get stuff done faster. Now, XD is an app you can use for designing websites, apps, icons and more. And at some point, you will have to export some images, right? We'll learn how to do that in XD in the next lesson.

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