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4.3 Color Selection and Copy Paste Hexcodes

Affinity Designer has a range of color selection tools, and at first you may not know exactly where to go to use them, or how to copy and paste hexcodes into and around in your design. Learn how to find the color pickers you want, and how to set hexcodes, in this lesson.

4.3 Color Selection and Copy Paste Hexcodes

Hi, welcome back to Affinity Designer Quick Start. In the last couple of videos we went over the tools that you can use to edit fills and strokes. And in this video we're going to take a closer look at how you can select the colors that you want to use when you're working with those tools. So for color selection we have the context menu areas that we worked with before for fill and stroke. And we also have the color studio panel and by default you're gonna get this HSL color wheel in color selection for any of these. But you do have the option to choose from several other types of color pickers. But they're categorized slightly differently, whether you're looking at one of the context menus or whether you're looking at the color panel. And one of the reasons that this difference in set up is good to know about is if you're wanting to copy a color code. So, for example, say you have a hex code that you have chosen from a color palette that you already have defined and you wanna paste it into your design. If you want to paste in a hex code through the context menu, you'll need to go up here and choose RGB Hex Sliders. And you can see all the different color selectors that we have up here as well. And then here you'll get your hex code that you can work with. Now if you're using the color studio panel, first you'll need to choose the Sliders category, and then from this dropdown list you can choose RGB Hex. So once again, all of the different colored pickers that you can work with can be picked from this dropdown list, if you're working with the context menu. But if you're working over here, first you'll need to decide whether you want a Wheel, a Slider, or Boxes for your color selection. So just put that back to the default. Now when you're working with this color selection panel, you can either choose the stroke by tapping on this little circle that is hollow in the middle. And then you'll be able to change the color of the stroke. Or to work on the fill, tap the filll. Whichever you are working on is going to be in front. If you're working with the fill it will be in front. If you're working with the stroke it will be in front. And then you can choose your color. Now if you want to use the color picker, you can click here and then drag. And then you'll be able to choose a color from anywhere on your screen. However you notice that just by choosing that color, it's not being applied right away. If I want to actually apply that color, I need to click that color picker one more time and it will then apply the color that I have chosen to whichever of these two is active. So the same thing applies if you're working up here. If you use the color picker, click and drag, choose a color. And it's not gonna apply right away. You need to click it again, and it will then apply that color that you have selected. So there's just a couple of little hints for working with the color selection tools in Affinity Designer. In the next lesson, we're going to learn how to extract an entire color palette from any file. It can be an Affinity Designer file. It can be an image. Anything you like. I'll see you there.

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