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4.4 Extracting Color Palettes

Affinity Designer includes a really powerful function that can pull color palettes out of any document, be it a vector drawing, photo or anything at all. Learn how to use it in this tutorial.

4.4 Extracting Color Palettes

Hi and welcome back to Affinity Designer Quick Start. In this lesson we're gonna learn how to extract color palettes from any document. So here we have this beautiful vector design, and it's got a very clear color scheme. And rather than going through and manually selecting these colors if we wanted to continue working with this piece, we can have them automatically extracted out of the piece. And the way we do this, is in the Swatches panel. If we head up to the little drop down menu here, you'll find that we have this item, Create Palette From Document. And this is gonna pull all of the colors that are needed out of the document, and there are three ways that you can create this palette. You can create it as An Application Palette so it will be then available for you every time you use Affinity Designer from then on. You can create it as a Document Palette, so it's available just within this document only. Or you can create it as a System Palette, so you'll be able to use it anywhere in your machine, including in other art applications. So for now, we'll just choose As Document Palette. And there you go, all of the colors that are used in this design have been extracted, so they're all there for easy use. And you can also see that the pallet has been named according to the name of the file. So the files called Concerto, and story is our new color palette. So this is a vector piece. But the process works equally well with photographs. So over here, we can do the same thing again. Create Palette From Document. Give it a second. And then there's all of our coffee colors and background aqua colors. So that's incredibly useful also if you're doing a design where you need to work with a client's logo, so you can easily pull the colors out of their logo. It's great for sharing color palettes from one application to another. If your work goes through a pipeline that involves multiple design tools, and it's overall just a great time saver. In the next video, we're gonna learn how to create color palettes in a different way, and that is by creating color cords. Now these color cords are based on rules from color theory. I'll see you there.

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