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2.5 How to “Power Duplicate”

In this lesson, learn how to take advantage of the “Power Duplicate” function so that repeating shape patterns can be created with a simple keyboard shortcut.

2.5 How to “Power Duplicate”

Hi. Welcome back to Affinity Designer Quick Start. In this lesson, we're gonna go through using duplication, and more importantly, using Power Duplicate, which is a really awesome function of Affinity Designer. So first up, there's two ways to duplicate in Affinity Designer. You might be used to using Ctrl+Cmd+D in other applications, but in Affinity Designer it you use Cmd+J to duplicate. Or alternatively, you can hold down Alt or Option key, and then you can drag the object that you wanna duplicate. So we are going to duplicate this little guy here. So I can hold down Alt and drag. Or, as well as using keyboard shortcuts, there is, of course, the ability to descend to the Edit menu and choose Duplicate. Now one of the really, really cool things that you can do is power duplicate. So this is probably easier shown rather than explained to start with. So let's say I wanna make kind of like a little flower petal shape out of this little shape here. So I will hold down Alt to duplicate it, and I'll move it over to the side. And now I am gonna rotate it a little bit. Now if I continue hitting the shortcut key for duplicate, I'll start Power Duplicating. And that means that the transformation that I just applied, that movement and rotation, that same transformation is gonna be applied to each of my new duplicates. So then we get this. And that all just happens automatically. And this is just so, so helpful. I discovered this when I was creating a staircase, completely found it by accident. I created one stair on the flight of stairs, duplicated it, moved it down to the next stair, and then duplicated it expecting to have to manually transform about 20 times. And then I was just able to go duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, duplicate, and the whole flight of stairs was created in about three seconds flat. So to recap, that's just you hold down Alt while you are dragging one of the shapes in your design. Then you go ahead and create whatever transformations you wanna create. So you can move, you can rotate, anything you want. And then if you immediately hit Cmd+J, you can keep on power duplicating with all of those transformations in there every time you duplicate your shape. In the next video, we're gonna learn how to take one Affinity Designer document and embed it in another, and then edit that embedded document in real time. I'll see you there.

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