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3.2 Split-Screen View With Slider

Affinity Designer allows you to use a split-screen view, with a slider that lets you scrub between two different views set to any mode you choose. Learn how to activate this view, and how it can be useful, in this lesson.

3.2 Split-Screen View With Slider

Hey ,welcome back to Affinity Designer Quick Start. In this lesson I'm gonna show you how to set up your workspace so that you can have two different types of views in the same workspace with a slider that you can scrub left and right between these two different types of views. So what you want to do is head up to View > View Mode > Split view. Now on the left side, you can have whatever type of view that you want. In this left side here we've got a vector view, something I find particularly helpful. On the right side, is to go with an outline view. So you can go to View > View Mode > Outline. This is super, super helpful because you've got your full-color view here. And then, particularly when you really need to get some fine-grain control over your design here, you can zoom right in, and you can make sure all of your outlines are set up exactly how you need them to be. You can have this all the way over to the right, so it's as though you are just working with it full screen, and then you've got that ability to easily just grab from left to right. So on top of having vector in outline view, it's also particularly useful for previewing different resolutions of graphics. So on the left side here I can, say, have a regular pixel preview to show me how this design is gonna come out when it's exported to pixels. And then on the right side, just by clicking on the side that you wanna change up, I can go to View > Retina. So there I can get an idea of how the different types of resolution are gonna have an effect on my exported graphics. And this is probably more noticeable if we zoom in quite a bit. So as you scrub over, you can see that you've got a much sharper image in the retina view and less so in the normal pixel view. So that's super, super handy. In the next video, we're gonna go through using the layers panel in Affinity Designer, which can be a little bit different at first to what you might be used to from other applications. And there's actually some really cool stuff that you can do with the layers panel. I'll see you in the next lesson.

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