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3.1 Grotesque

Welcome to lesson number six where we'll discuss the first sensor of style called grotesque. Now before we begin, here's a quick note. We have Serif typefaces and we have Sans-serif typefaces. Sans basically means without, so the typefaces we'll be showing in this chapter are without serifs, without those ornaments on the top or bottom of the letters. In this lesson, we're discussing the grotesque typefaces. Now, these are not the first sans-serif typefaces that came out, but instead are the first ones that became commercially popular. They were created in the early 19th century and they were called grotesque because people consider them ugly or uglier compared to their more traditional and ordinate serif types. Now, let's have a look at some characteristics. Because we're now in the realm of sans-serif typefaces, we don't have serifs anymore. And a key characteristics of grotesque typefaces is the low contrast between strokes. We can clearly see the departure from handwritten and calligraphy styles on these typefaces. They have vertical stress and overall a slightly unrefined or a crude appearance. Now, let's see some examples. The first typeface we'll look at, is monotype's grotesque, very simple compared to what we've seen before. We have that vertical stress, we have no serifs, and the contrast between strokes is pretty much non-existent. Another grotesque typeface is Franklin Gothic. Very similar, this one has a couple of defining characteristics like we see on the q here and on the lowercase b. Then we have this one, Akzidenz-Grotesk. Another very popular typeface as well from this category. Then we have Brandon Grotesque. This is actually one of my favorite typefaces and you've already seen it being used in all of these slides that I showed you. This one is definitely grotesque based on the style but it has that more refined feel to it. That's why I love it so much. Then, probably the most popular grotesque typeface is Helvetica. And this is actually neo-grotesque, it was made in a period following the initial conception of these grotesque types. So, I think everyone knows Helvetica, it's being used and it's still being used so much because of how simple it looks. And as I was saying, it's definitely the most popular grotesque typeface. Another very popular grotesque typeface is Arial. I'm sure you've used this a lot. But this is actually Neo-Grotesque, and so is Univers, a typeface that was used a lot in the past. It's still being used. Then, we have Roboto. This is made by Google, and Roboto as far as I know, is the default typeface in the Google material design. Then we'll have one created by Apple, it's called San Francisco. And you can download it for free from the Apple website. And then moving to envato elements, we have a couple grotesques here, this one's called Gorga. Then we have Glenn Sans, and then we have Quadran. Again, these are three that I found by quickly searching on Elements, but I'm sure there are a couple more. Okay, and those are just a few examples of grotesque and neo-grotesque typefaces. Now the next type on our list is geometric, so let's go ahead and cover that in the next lesson.

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