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1.1 Introduction

Hello and welcome to ASP.NET, MVC for designers. My name is Craig Campbell and I'm gonna be your instructor for this course. My goal in this course is to teach you as a designer, how to work within the ASP.NET framework. And more specifically, in the MVC pattern and we're gonna be using Visual Studio. To write all of our HTML. Now this is a little bit more complicated than just creating some HTML pages and applying our own CSS and calling it good. Instead we're delving into a developers world here. As we build out these projects. Now we're not going to be doing any hardcore developing. Any hardcore coding in this course. Instead, we're going to be taking a look at the ASP.NET framework and how we as designers can give our coworkers, the developers, a head start in building out their projects. And the techniques we're going to talk about throughout this course are going to be real world applications. I personally know of several designers who work within the ASP.NET MVC framework, in order to build out their HTML designs. And, in order to build out your designs that way, in HTML, you first need to understand how the framework works, how it functions, how we get from one page to another within this framework, because it's not as easy as just creating an anchor tag that links to another page. It's a little bit more complicated than that, within this framework. So while we're not gonna get into any hard core coding or database programming, we are going to dive a little bit into some C Sharp code in order to help us learn how to use this ASP.NET framework as a tool In our web design arsenal. So if you work with a team of developers who work within the ASP.NET MVC framework and you want to know how you can help give those developers a head start by creating your HTML files within that framework, then this is the course for you. So thank you for watching and in the next lesson we'll get started.

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